This is the stories I did in writing.

My favorite place to spend time is my cousin’s house. Why because I enjoy being with my cousin and have fun also. I only see them each year when school is over. I only can enjoy with them for one week and when I see them I’m so happy to see them.

I like to spend my time in my cousin’s house because when I see them I can have time to talk to them and be happy. I love to be in my cousin’s house and when my cousin comes over I am so happy because I haven’t seen them for a long time. Also my cousin always makes us laugh or scare when I was little.

My cousin sometimes looks bored but they are really fun and not what you think of them. My cousin house is white it’s kind of big. I like to be in the living room where everybody can play games and why I like it because it is big and lots of games where you can enjoy. I like the living room because every morning it is sometimes quite. Me and my cousin always wake up early in the morning and sit in the porch and feel the breeze of wind.

My cousin lives in North Carolina and they are far from here but at least I can see them for a week. Everytime when I’m upset they will be there but if they're gone and I’m upset my older sister makes me happy. I like when my cousin always tried to make me laugh even when I’m mad at them. Me and Stephanie are always together and you don’t know her well she is my cousin. My mom will say that we are like sister because we are so close together. It will be sad when they leave but they will come over and see me.

My favorite place to be is my cousin’s house. And if I will go to my favorite place I will go to my cousin. I enjoy being with my cousins. I will get to see them this summer after school.